Short for interactive, ACTIV infers that immediate and continual action is taking place when a resident places a maintenance call. ACTIV is always on and always ready for action. The ACTIV Automated Answering Service utilizes co-located state-of-the-art technology ensuring constant uptime and endless scalability. Whether you have 10 calls or a 100 calls, ACTIV is ready and able to handle them all.

At Audio Images, we take pride in our 20 years of serving the apartment industry exclusively. Our flagship product, ACTIV, is revolutionizing the answering service industry and rapidly surpassing the limitations of “live” services.  ACTIV Answering Solutions is the industry’s fastest way to connect your resident to your live on-call maintenance person, within seconds, not minutes.

Because what your residents want is quick and accurate service.

With ACTIV, you will benefit from:

  • Incredibly fast on-call response time
  • Accurate incident reports and after hours call center activity monitoring
  • Message retrieval via email, phone or online
  • Never needing to manually forward phones
  • Special announcement messages
  • Monitoring of on-call maintenance personnel response times
  • Live Call Back
  • 24/7 availability
  • And most importantly, increased resident satisfaction

With a traditional live answering service, all calls are treated the same. A leaky faucet and a flooded apartment both have the same priority. Not only is it impossible to get a sense of urgency from a transcribed message, human error and delays can turn a minor problem into a costly one.

With ACTIV, on-call maintenance personnel are immediately alerted to new messages and our Live Callback feature connects them back to residents in seconds.  Behind the scenes, every call gets logged, and you can listen to the actual message on our secure website. On-call personnel and residents are both held accountable for how the maintenance problem was addressed, eliminating the “he said – she said” problem.

We are so confident that you will love our service, we will guarantee your satisfaction. Put our service to the test and if you are not satisfied, you may cancel within the first two weeks at no charge to you!  That’s a great value!!

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