ACTIV Data Centers

ACTIV is the fastest and most advanced automated answering solution available to the apartment industry.
  • Your phones are always “on service” 24/7
  • ACTIV notifies personnel of “while you were out” messages
  • Personnel can use Live Call-Back to directly connect to caller without hanging up (this feature also blocks personal cell phone numbers)
  • Each community has its own online call reports to monitor maintenance response
  • Office can change on-call personnel phone numbers online
  • Free Marketing On-hold
  • ACTIV never puts a caller on hold

Our ACTIV Answering Solutions  employ rock solid, co-located systems to ensure that your residents are always able to communicate with you. With two backup systems that are automatically “mirrored”, we guarantee that every message is current and retrievable.

ACTIV’s multiple data centers mean we’re up and running in even the most severe weather conditions. Whether you’re experiencing downed phone lines or power outages, our systems are 100% reliable to provide the information your community needs to connect you with your residents.

Property managers love our ACTIV Answering Solutions because:

  • Dispatch times are 45 seconds or less
  • Calls are accurately logged and reports are available online at any time.
  • Messages are never lost in translation
  • Cost savings improve your bottom line

We provide outstanding tech support, should you ever have any questions.

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